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Thai Detectives provide you with researched and carefully analyzed information in order to assist you in the journey of uncovering the truth whether you have a partner or spouse who is cheating on you. In most of the situations when a client contacts us, they have a good deal of information that may have led them to suspicion of infidelity from their partners. However, they are usually faced by one major problem; they cannot confront the cheating partner and prove it on their own. This is due to the fact that cheating spouses are very cunning and will most often come up with excuses in order to explain even their strangest behavior. Additionally, once the party that has been suspected of cheating is confronted, they will most often modify their tactics based on the feedback they got from you thus ensuring that you are completely unable to catch them in the future. Most of the time, these kinds of situations lead to the infidelity or cheating case growing more and more each day while you keep on getting depressed. This is one reason why it is always good to leave it to the experts to deal with such cases of infidelity and cheating partners while you go about doing your daily normal activities. Not only will this make it easier for the cheating partner to be caught in the act, but it also lets the other party drop their guard allowing for more evidence to be unraveled.


Leave it to the professionals to make sure that your suspicions are true or not and uncover the actual truth complete with hard evidence to back it up. Usually when you contact us, you are assigned an expert who will handle your case. You will be asked a few questions in order to reveal more details about your relationship and the suspicions you may be having. It is important to note that all the information that you provide is handled with confidentiality and is never revealed to any other third-parties. We value discretion and treat your privacy with a lot of care.


Once you have provided the required information and you have agreed on a budget, the surveillance experts will take over and start to assess whether the information you provided is accurate. You will at all times be kept informed about the movements and activities of the cheating partner so that you can provide assistance with the investigation. We will use our many years of experience and cutting edge technology to gather as much data and evidence as we can and analyze it for you.


The evidence that is given to you proves inclination and opportunity to cheat. Inclination is defined as affection which goes beyond the boundaries of casual friendship. Opportunity on the other hand, defines the moment when the subject under investigation and a suspect are seen entering a place where adultery can be committed.


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