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As new and used car sales plateau again, as is expected in the Mintel forecast, auto manufacturers, car dealers, and marketers looking to grow their brands will have no choice but to cannibalize sales from their competitors. This will highlight the importance of effective targeting of first-time car buyers, or car buyers with relatively little experience or prejudices, uch as targeting Millennials or Hispanics.

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Overview The market Figure 1: Fan chart forecast of total US unit sales of new light vehicles and used light vehicles, 2008-18 Market factors American drivers continue to drive fewer miles than peak period Figure 2: Vehicle miles traveled per licensed driver, 1970-2040 Aging US vehicle fleet provides potential increase in car purchasing demand Figure 3: Average age of cars, light trucks, and total light vehicles, 2002-13 Stabilizing housing market positively impacts car sales Figure 4: Median existing home prices vs new light vehicle sales, 2000-13 High fuel prices shift consumer purchasing preferences Figure 5: All grades all formulations retail gasoline prices, dollars per gallon, 1993-2014 Key players GM produced one in four of all the vehicles on the road today Figure 6: Largest

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automotive original equipment manufacturers in the US, by total share of the US vehicle fleet vs new car sales, 2013 The consumer Majority of respondents plan to purchase another vehicle in the next three years Figure 7: Intent of purchasing a vehicle in the next three years, November 2013 One in five respondents who plan to buy another vehicle plan to do so in the next six months Figure 8: Approximately when will the next vehicle be purchased, November 2013 New cars more likely owned by households intending to buy more new cars Figure 9: Vehicle last purchased by new, used, or CPO, by purchase intent of new, used, or CPO, November 2013 Main reason for looking for a new vehicle: high mileage on existing vehicle Figure 10: Reasons for purchasing another vehicle, by gender, November 2013 Women more likely to say they’d comparison shop and read reviews Figure 11: Type of research planned before selecting next vehicle, by gender, November 2013 Consumer Reports, Kelley Blue Book, most likely to be visited when shopping for the next vehicle Figure 12: Likelihood of using select websites or magazines before next vehicle purchase, November 2013 Two thirds of those with mobile devices plan to use them while shopping for next vehicle Figure 13: Smartphone use when purchasing next vehicle, November 2013 What we think

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