Cloud Hosting: A Way to Achieve Performance and Reliability of Your Website

‘Internet’ such a small and simple word but this service or thing whatever you may call it is just like an iceberg – 10 percent on top and 90 percent under water. This thing looks very simple to some who have limited knowledge about its capabilities but once you start knowing about its uses you will find that it’s a whole new world inside that small box on your table which you call computer moniter. The Internet has expanded so quickly in just a couple of decades. This growth has also accompanied a tremendous uptick in technological advancement allowing internet speeds to increase while server costs have dramatically fallen. As a result of this expansion cloud hosting has come to existence.

Cloud hosting is a kind of hosting that uses the resource of several clustered servers. This means that your website uses the resource of several servers to accommodate all the aspects of such servers. The load is balanced, the security is taken care of and hardware resources are available virtually so that they can be used when needed. The cluster of servers is what we refer to as the cloud. There are also various benefits of cloud hosting – it’s simple, affordable, scalable, reliable, customizable and secure. Cloud server launch is under one minute. It helps to focus on delivering content instead os server set up.

Cloud hosting only charges people for resources they use. Hosting costs are measured per hour to provide control over hosting budget. Cloud servers scale with incredible speed. You can expand or reduce servers in seconds to ensure that the server keeps up with the demand instead of wasting money on unnecessary resources. Cloud hosting is more reliable than shared hosting, where the issues in one account spill over other sites on the same physical server. Cloud hosting lets you customize your server and the most important thing, cloud hosting keeps your content safe.

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