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April 20, 2014 – In what is an extremely competitive market (aviation), as a direct result of its progressive growth and its rapid globalization, in order to succeed, flight training service providers such as Florida Flyers European U.S. Flight School, Inc. have sought to bring something new to the table and in so doing deliver outstanding customer service.


One of the many ways through which Florida Flyers European U.S. Flight School, Inc. is breaking new ground, to ensure sustained levels of great customer service, is with their forward-looking initiatives, which includes the recent release of a brand new app. The Florida Flyers App serves as the ultimate portal for direct access to the flight trainers’ service offering, which includes training in accordance with Part 141 and FAR Part 61 Federal Aviation Administration quality standards.


The new App will be available for download within a very short timeframe and it will be made available across a range of platforms, including Android (at GooglePlay), iPhone (at the Apple AppStore) and even on the Amazon Store for Kindle. The Florida Flyers App will essentially allow anyone with an interest in aviation to access up-to-date information about a range of aviation-pertinent events, news and other important announcements, particularly with regards to the Florida Flyers European U.S. Flight School, Inc. training services.


Moving focus away from the impending App a bit, a deeper look at Florida Flyers European U.S. Flight School, Inc.’s core offering reveals a number of deductions, one being the reason why this particular Florida-based flight school has been hailed as being the all-inclusive, “No-worries” package. Apart from the fact that they specifically set out to earn that tag, “We took careful notice of what customers wanted: all-inclusive service, meticulously maintained, reliable, readily available aircraft at affordable prices”, Florida Flyers European U.S. Flight School, Inc. places a heavy emphasis on individual-level personalization, something which would naturally be appreciated by any student of one of the most competitive industries, aviation.


Florida Flyers European U.S. Flight School, Inc.’s location also contributes heavily to their appeal: “Weather conditions are excellent nearly 365 days a year. We guarantee you will get the highest quality training at reasonable rates.” –


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As accurately stated by their customers, Florida Flyers European U.S. Flight School, Inc. offers the Florida-Flyers all-inclusive “No worries” package, through which the customers gain access to meticulously maintained, reliable and readily-available aircraft, all at very affordable rates. This Florida-based flight school stands out because of its personalized and friendly service which recognizes and responds to the needs of each individual.


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