Easter Celebrations Expected To Boost Numbers Rome Hotels

May 12 2014:The world-famous Easter celebrations taking place in Rome each April always represent a boost in bookings for establishments such asWorldHotel Ripa Roma, and this year should prove no different.

Among the scheduled events bringing tourists to Rome and causing hotels such as WorldHotelRipa Romato quickly become fully bookedis the canonisation of not one, but two former Popes. Pope Francis, another one of the main attractions of the 2014 Easter season in Rome, will be presiding over the ceremony, which will see John Paul II and John XXIII made into saints.

Other than this ceremony, which will undoubtedly acquire pride of place in this year’s celebrations, the Pope will also be conducting the two usual masses (the Easter mass and the Palm Sunday mass) from the balcony of the Vatican, to the congregated masses in St Peter’s Square. Acquiring a (mandatory) ticket to these events will also entitle the Christian faithful to an audience with the Pope, which should prove extremely popular as well. Said tickets can be acquired from select locations, including certain hotels around the city.

Other than the Pope’s address and the canonisation ceremony, visitors to Vatican City may be interested in visiting the Vatican Museums, which give an historical and religious overview of the enclave.

Those unwilling or unable to purchase tickets for the main Easter ceremonies, however, will be pleased to learn that certain events around Rome and Vatican City can still be attended for free. That is the case, for instance, for the Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession, re-enacted near Rome’s Coliseum. Travellers interested in witnessing this ceremony are, however, still advised to arrive early, in order to beat the crowds and find good viewing spots.

Vatican City is the world’s premier Christian destination, and Easter celebrations therein typically attract crowds of thousands to the small Roman enclave.


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