Before the kitchen renovation should be noted that the problem

Many details of the renovation is phase composition, and its complexity and detailed for the first time decoration you , it was not easy to think of. I collected some Taps Salebefore the renovation should pay attention to.

The design first, so that the needs of concealed works accurately place
Early in the kitchen renovation , kitchen designer's first involvement is very important to avoid , such as walls, after the ground has to be done well before considering integrated kitchen design . First of all, according to their own habits as set forth your requirements, such as the type of appliances used in the kitchen , whether the installation of water softeners , audio , and other special equipment to designer detail , these will involve waterways, circuit traces location of the problem in advance . Secondly , according to your needs designer kitchen cabinets combinations , width height, and reasonable arrangements stove , LED Taps , hood location.

On the sea , thoughtful and more convenient to use the kitchen
Out of water basin faucet : If you choose to install the faucet on the wall , and then determine a good plan after the cabinet should be delineated leading position in the corresponding position on the wall , the decoration of hydraulic embedded into the wall of the hot and cold water pipes within ; faucet If you choose to install on the cabinet table or basin , then the Bathroom Accessory wall to be embedded within the basin cabinet post .

Water Purifier: water softener on the market model is too large , such as going to purchase , put the desired model to determine the best design before the cabinet by designer kitchen with integrated styling set position . Hydraulic and electrical decoration designer will meet to determine the water pipes and machines convergence between location , away from the power while ensuring ease of operation , avoid short-circuiting the risks, all the devices are hidden in the cabinet Kitchen Taps.