Global Green Data Card Market to Grow by 31.27% within 2018

The research on global Green Data Center market has asserted that this industrial segment is estimated to grow at a CAGR or of 31.27% in the period between 2013 till 2018. However, this market is thwarted by the constantly rising prices as a consequence of the existence of obsolete equipment.

Global Green Data Center market has been growing extensively due to the emergence of several new designs for innovative data centers. This particular facility has been devised as an environment-friendly solution employed in computing centers which are heavily dependent on computer technology. These green data centers diminish the environmental impact of various computing equipments enduring optimum utilization of computing resources of each component of computers and at the same time minimizing the functional prices related to enterprise computing. Recently, certain measures are being adopted to utilize natural air coolers and others to ensure ‘greener’ resources which do not disturb the environmental balance and this had catapulted this market.

Significant Global Regions of Green Data Card Markets

It has been observed that global Green Data Card Markets have been earning maximum profits from EMEA and APAC countries. While EMEA implies the regions in and around Europe, Middle East and Africa, APAC stands for the nations belonging to Asia Pacific area.

Key Players of Green Data Card Markets 

Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Inc., IBM Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., APC Corp., Oracle Corp., Fujitsu Corp., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and EMC Group are a few of the key vendors which are actively involved in Green Data Card markets across the globe.

Overall Market Outlook

The world market of Green Data Card is growing rapidly due to the growing demand for environment friendly computing technologies which utilize natural resources. The market is driven by the trend of adoption of Blade and Micro Severs.

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