A CAD Engineer’s Best Friend…… A 3D Mouse

A CAD Engineer’s Best Friend…… A 3D Mouse

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Who is man’s best friend? A Dog. But who’s a CAD engineer’s best friend? A 3D Mouse

They Gives You Company!

A survey was conducted by Technology Assessment Group (TAG) which found 74% of respondents work with CAD related programs, at least three hours a day and 41% work with them for at least seven hours! Hence as lot of time spending with your 3D mouse.

A Comfort During Pain!

Our best friend ease our pain and comfort us.

We all go through pain in our life and our best friend is there to comfort us. Now engineers have to work long hours on CAD design. That might cause intense pain that can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). According to a survey by VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, 3D mice users report the following benefits:

  • 97% said in tanem use of 3D mouse with an ordinary one, reduced their pain.

  • 61% said a 3D mouse increases comfort and diminishes pain within the first month.

  • 66% use a 3D mouse with both hands and that reduces muscle fatigue.

They Pushes To Perform The Best

Your best friend does the best for you. According to the same TAG study, the 3D mouse users are 21% more productive on an average. 85% of the CAD designers say their designs improved with the usage of a 3D mouse. Hence a best friend to achieve the best!

They Have Your Back

Best friend is someone whom we can count on to be there every time we need them. They help through life’s frustrations and issues. All of those are not work related. So when there are problems with your design ? You take your 3D mouse in your hand, work through it together, and everything turns out all right.

They Inspire to Do Great Things

Friends inspire us…..encourage new ideas. Sometimes those creativities turn into worthwhile and profitable ventures.

When you use a 3D mouse, you use both hands and that engages both sides of your brain at the same time. Neurological studies show that creative endeavors engage the whole brain. Thus you’re more creative when you use your 3D mouse.

And its fun to use a 3D mouse. In the words of Scott Moyse, Director of Operations at Design & Motion, and MFG Technical Specialist at CADPRO Systems, using a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse makes working in CAD is more enjoyable; can’t put a price on that; the effects yield through every aspect of your work.

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