The World's 1st African-Centered Dating Website Announces New Services

Offers an opportunity for Community Based dating to users

28th June 2014, US: is the 1st African-centered dating website that has revealed its various services that encourage Afrocentric Dating for the benefit of users.

There are many single people out there who would like to date other single people from the same culture. It’s quite important for many to be able to share their cultural values with those they are dating. It not only makes things a lot easier for them but ensures that there is that deep rooted bond in culture that two people share. It can be a healthy for their dating experience and could be just what some look for. came into being after considering this struggle that many single people go through, having it difficult to find people with similar cultural values. That’s the reason the platform has focussed on Afrocentric Dating and made things easier for users. Now they are offered a whole range of features keeping their core preferences in mind so that they can find exactly what they are looking for on the site. stays committed to helping users build a strong foundation that could lead to fulfilling and long term relationships. Overall it works towards adding to the positive image of the black community and serves as a culture platform where people can discuss, network and also socialize, besides dating of course.

Anyone looking for a reliable Dating platform can head here to boost their prospects of finding someone who’s on the same page as them. While the website culturally caters to African and African-centered people, it is open to all diversities. They are given the platform to express themselves through various channels like blogs, forums, daily status updates etc.

They can also upload videos regularly and express themselves a lot better. Users can upload up to 26 pictures of themselves and can mention their preferences on their profiles. It’s rather simple to go through other profiles in the area and know more about the members. Users can chat with these members in a group or privately, and there’s the option of video chat as well.

There is a option to rate one’s dating experience through the site called Rate My Date, which is an added advantage.

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