Non Traditional UVU Student Opens Traditional Digital Media Business In Orem


Orem, UT (May 13, 2014) - Utah Valley University Digital Media major Andy Martin couldn’t wait to graduate to open his dream business, so he decided, halfway into his program, he wasn’t going to wait. Andy is a non-traditional, meaning an older, returning, student at University. He decided to start ABM Digital Media “it is going to be one of the best choices for customers, as far as video, audio, animation and graphic design solutions are concerned.”

ABM Digital Media is owned by newly skilled digital media professional, Andy Martin, who is dedicated to bringing the best results through relentless service. According to the former radio personality, “Our world at ABM Digital Media revolves around the magic of audio, video, graphics and web. We try to offer the best to our customers and have already received testimonials galore for our sincere efforts.” Andy is also a well known Voice actor and former On Air Talent on Radio stations all across the country.

ABM Digital Media is soon to be regarded as a reliable name in the market that helps people in creating mesmerizing radio commercials, white-board videos, logos and more. Those who are associated with the TV business can benefit from motion graphics, animation and visual effects the company offers. Radio commercials and voice overs are company owner Andy Martin’s specialty, and has a network of other voice artists at his beck and call at a moments notice to serve his customers when they need a particular style of voice.

This company takes special care in maintaining quality to each of the services offered by them, and also makes sure the services are affordable. Customers can enjoy the advantages of White-board Animated Videos with Music at only $49.99.. ABM Digital Media offers voice overs starting at just $19.99.

This digital media agency also has a significant presence in the major social networking platforms, like Facebook and Twitter and can help clients increase their social media presence. This is an effective initiative, taken up by the company, to stay in touch with the existing as well as prospective customers.

ABM Digital Media is already creating a strong base of happy customers, with their great services. James is a recent customer of this company. He says, “I was looking for good voice over for a radio ad my company needed. I have tried several voice artists and companies, but found most of them to be beyond my budget. My experience with ABM Digital Media has really been great, as I got exactly, what I was looking for, from this amazing company.”

About ABM Digital Media:
ABM Digital Media is a new digital media agency. This company is operated under the supervision of digital media professional, Andy Martin. For more information please visit

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