Durable, Decorative Flooring Completes New Look for Indoor Trampoline Park

The following Project Profile features Granitex Light Broadcast System from Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF), an economical vinyl paint chip system based on epoxy and polyurethane coatings.


The owners of an indoor trampoline park had to completely remodel their new home prior to opening. As a national franchise, they were required to stick with strict specifications for each facet of the building. For the flooring system, they wanted a chic decorative look that was also durable and easy-to-clean – common requirements with large retail spaces. Southland Coatings Technologies was tasked with making the new system work with all stakeholders and the existing flooring.


Southland Coatings Technologies is a coatings contractor with more than 25 years of experience that provides installations and consulting around the world.  Divisions are located in Eastern and Western United States.  It has an agreement with the trampoline park franchise to install each flooring system.


The existing floor had some minor imperfections requiring patching and grinding prior to the installation. The prep was completed with shot blasters and planetary grinders. The owners did have a tight timeframe, so crews worked each shift aggressively in order to maintain the schedule.


The Granitex Light Broadcast System was recommended and specified by APF sales rep, Carlos Santana, to fit within the franchise needs.  This system is ideal for its durability and aesthetics.

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