The LCD screen has unique superiority comparing with the traditional CRT screen

China – With the widely spreading of the modern high tech electrical devices such as smart phone and tablet PC, there is no doubt that the popularity of the LCD screen is inevitable because of its unique and specific advantages. In order to let people have detailed understanding about the difference between the fashionable LCD Display Screen and the traditional CRT screen, the engineer from Control Electronic Co., Ltd which is the best manufacturer and supplier for TFT LCD Panel will share with consumers the exhaustive description about this.

Although the structure and display principles between the LCD screen and traditional CRT screen are different, they also have commonly goal which is to achieve excellent displaying effect. Now, we will do a probable comparison between the traditional CRT screen and LCD Display Module

From the structure and product volume, the traditional CRT type monitor must emit electron beam to the screen electron gun thus the CRT tube cannot be too short. If the screen size has relatively increasing, the length of the CRT tube should also be increased. On the other hand, the TFT LCD screen could display image through changing the molecular state by electronic board. Even if the screen size increasing, the LCD screen can only increase the level of the area but there will not be the large increase in the volume. So that, consumers should know that the weight of the Lvds LCD Display is much lighter than CRT with the same size. While the power consumption is only used on the board and the driving IC, so that, the power consumption of LCD screen is less than the CRT screen.

If people want to choose the high quality electrical device with good screen, they should pay more attention to their ability of anti-radiation and anti-electromagnetic. Since the conventional display device use the electron gun to generates an electron beam to hit the screen, people could not completely eradicate the interference of the radiation although there are some advanced technologies to minimize the radiation. However, the TFT LCD Module does not have this kind of weakness.

As the electromagnetic interference, TFT LCD monitor only have small amount of electromagnetic waves from the driver circuit. The strictly sealing could totally ensure the no leakage of electromagnetic waves. However, the CRT monitors had to cooling from the holes of the body of electrical device so the electromagnetic interference is fatal.

Furthermore, because of the mature technology of the CRT tech, the definition of the CRT SCREEN is better than the LCD displaying screen. However, with the quickly changing and developing of the TFT LCD technology, the definition of LCD screen will eventually beyond the CRT.

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