Newly Launched Translation Micro-Job Site LangWages Offers Great Advantages for New Sellers

Liverpool, UK-4 May 2014. LangWages, an online translation hub greeted customers and translators from all over the world with their full launch last May 1, 2014. The micro job platform is very user-friendly and aimed at providing skilled translators and proofreaders an easy way to make money from the internet. The greatest advantage it can offer is self-promotion as a language specialist in a place accessible to anyone. The site allows translators to set their own prices for translation services while it remains free of charge for anyone who wants to join. The only thing they have to pay for is when they choose to feature their ads so more buyers can ultimately see it and transaction fees for every sold service.


Micro-job Platform for Freelance Translators


As a brand new platform it has features that stand above competing sites. In other job-platform sites, sellers can easily add photos, optimised descriptions and other details needed to complete orders to the letter. The site provides all these too but unlike rival micro job sites, sellers need not build their reputation from scratch in order to offer additional order options or set the price for a certain posted job. LangWages is also optimised for translators alone so it is a better platform than other generic sites.


For new sellers, signing up is a must. Likewise, interested buyers may freely shop for available translation services but an account is needed to officially order. Buyers can start buying from job board categories starting May 5th 2014.


As the site is free for all, LangWages expects users to abide by their terms and conditions agreement. 30% charges for every sale will be taken by them and nothing more. For sellers who want to boost their profiles more, the site allows featured jobs in four different categories: audio translations, document translation, proofreading, and website translation. This will cost $9.95 for service fees.


All payments made by buyers will either be done through Paypal, Skrill or Moneybookers. As much as most people know, PayPal has 3% automatic transaction fees. The site also has an easy to use feedback and support system located at the right hand corner of every opened page. It is powered by UserVoice, a widget used by companies such as Microsoft, Bitly, Zynga, Hootsuite, and even Meetup. This ensures that every feedback or contact enquiries will be given personalised attention.


Used currency for major transactions is the dollar due to its global accessibility and command.


Resolving Problem Transactions plus Tips for Newcomers


As a newly built platform for online translation jobs, LangWages also aims for complete 100% satisfaction rates for every visitor. Thus they’ve set up safeguards to preserve smiles on every customer’s face.


One such safeguard is the Complaints Page where buyers and sellers alike can bring to light any pressing concerns regarding their transactions. Any disputes will be treated with fairness and urgency. They have an in-house team of experts who’ll review seller output and weigh in on decisions for conflicts.


Scott McElroy, the brain behind LangWages has this to say for newcomers: “Be realistic with your delivery times so as not to attract negative feedback and ratings. Also, as the site freely allows any seller to set their own prices for services, it helps to stay competitive and specific in instructions to further help buyers better understand your jobs”.


About LangWages


Headed by a French translation expert, Scott leads a team of like-minded individuals in putting up LangWages as a micro-job site solely for translators like him. He understands the plight of translators and LangWages is his way to help freelancers from this niche gain better traction in the online world without having to spend a dime or penny.




Scott McElroy

Liverpool, UK

Tel: +447756771033