“Collaboration Economy” Is Enriched With The Valuable Contribution Of Kevin Harrington Of ABC’s “Shark Tank”


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (March 30, 2014) –  Kevin Harrington of ABC’s “Shark Tank” has penned down effective detailing for the business start-up guidance book of Fitness and business expert John Spencer Ellis and media guru Topher Morrison, “Collaboration Economy”

John has shared his wonderful outlook on his collaboration with Kevin. He says, “We enjoyed collaborating with each other and a series of smart and successful experts in creating this book, and we are particularly thrilled to have Kevin kick it off with his unique take on business success today and tomorrow,” Ellis further continued, “Collaboration is the new competition and we look forward to showing more people how to collaborate their way to success.”

Infomercial pioneer, entrepreneur and successful investor, Kevin Harrington has contributed in a great way in the new economy book. This is considered to be a wonderful small business book, which guides the market new comers on how to start a small business. The authors have incorporated the diverse ideas of different market experts along with their interviews, to offer a multidimensional overview to the readers. This book would be available in the market from May 6, 2014.

The famous personality of Harrington is found to be unique in its own way. He has a great contribution towards the initial establishment of the Entrepreneur’s Organizations (EO) and the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), as an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank” range. He has the fame of innovating one of the industry’s first 30-minute infomercials in 1984. Ever since then, the market leader has gathered the pride of launching more than 500 products, which have the worldwide sales of more than $4 billion.

Discussing about the contribution of Harrington in their book on small business marketing, Morrison states, “With his extensive success in media, sales and business, we were incredibly excited to have Kevin write the forward to ‘Collaboration Economy,’” He also feels, “His insight, instincts and inspiration make him the perfect person to introduce this idea of a new way of doing business by collaboration.”

Collaboration Economy is expected to be one of the bestselling small business books available in the market. Just a few pre released copies of the wonderful business guidance book is made available on the special request of the readers. Ryan Lee from says, “They say content is king, but now and in the future, there’s a new king on the block. It’s collaboration. If you want to succeed, you must read this book and implement what you learn.”

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