The exterior designs of Airwheel E6 intelligent folding electric bicycles for sale

Recently, Airwheel has rolled out a type of folding electric bike called E6. This type of electric bike is from Airwheel Z5 although it is the first model of E-series. The parameter of Airwheel E6 is fairly encouraging. The lightweight aluminium alloy scales down the weight of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter E6 a lot. It merely weighs 12.6 kg. The light material can carry a load of 100 kg, though. The carrying capacity is enough to take an adult. 247.9 WH battery offers a long range. The building block battery group creates more convenience for the rider.

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Apart from the basic parameters of Airwheel foldable electric bike E6, its exterior design is worth a careful examination. This time, Airwheel adopts the foldable pedals so as to reduce the storage space. The front light provides an ample illumination at night.

The LED light is lighter and more energy-saving. The surface of the exterior uses the baking finish, endowed with an air of fashion and enhancing the decay resistance. The dual suspension further ensures a comfortable ride. In the case of brake system, Airwheel also makes breakthrough, applying the electronic brake system (EBS). With the EBS, the rider, notably the beginner, can easily put a stop to E6. Since the Airwheel A3, Airwheel E6 is the second model of Airwheel which adopts the EBS.

Apart the EBS in Airwheel E6, Airwheel adds the accelerator. The user merely presses the button on the right handlebar. The rider can speed up or slow down at will. It is easier for the user to experience the happiness from changeable velocity. APP system is another draw. Compared with Airwheel Z5, Airwheel E6 smart electric bike differs in the APP system. On APP, the hitch-detecting system help the user find out the problem in Airwheel E6 to avoid the unnecessary issues. At the same time, it stores a lot of data related to ride.

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