Startup Gets Secure Mobile Payments with globalVCard® Spend Secure

Complete control and no worries about security gives startup Delicious Nutritious peace of mind to focus on business – not their payments

Bonita Springs, FL - Like most startups, Delicious Nutritious quickly learned that things don’t always go as planned. Deadlines are missed, suppliers don’t always deliver and some days just seem like everything goes wrong. But one thing the company’s co-founders could never risk going wrong was their payments.

Determined that their business would never be the next headline involving cyber attacks, co-founder Michael Johnson chose globalVCard Spend Secure for the company’s business payments.

globalVCard Spend Secure, a 2015 finalist for the CODiE Award for Best Enterprise Mobile App, addresses the one thing that every business needs: a secure way to make payments. Ideal for small businesses, Spend Secure brings the ability to issue secure, single-use virtual credit card payments, and control both virtual and plastic cards, right through a mobile device. Three of the many immediate benefits recognized by Delicious Nutritious are highlighted below. 

1. Give employees spending power without giving up control 
“With Spend Secure, I can give corporate cards to all of our employees – even new employees,” said Johnson. “We need employees to jump right in and don’t always have time to build up that level of trust that would otherwise be needed before issuing a corporate card. I can turn their corporate cards on or off, set spending limits, even allow purchases to be made during a certain time of day all from my mobile phone.” 

2. Reduce fraud with the power of virtual credit cards 
Single-use virtual credit card numbers are ideal for business transactions because once the approved purchase is made, the number becomes invalid and cannot be hacked.  Customers also gain a wealth of controls that can be accessed 24/7 via web or mobile, which as Johnson explains below, can protect companies against fraudulent charges. 

“I was at a tradeshow and had issued a virtual card payment for $3,500 but I could see online that the supplier had tried to run the card for much more than that. When the charge was denied he came back to me looking for another card number. I was able to tell him that the card declined because he was trying to charge more than the amount of the invoice. They seemed a little embarrassed and tried one more time to run the card – this time in the exact amount – then sent me a $0 balance statement. “ 

3. Keep costs down while generating new revenue 
globalVCard Spend Secure is absolutely free with no setup, no fees and no hidden charges. Johnson admits being skeptical. "I wondered how a product this great could be free, because let's face it, nothing's free. But it is. Not only that, we get cash back rewards every month based on our spend. It's phenomenal. We've become such fans that we often demo globalVCard Spend Secure during our own business presentations. It's that good - every business should be using it." 

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