WNC Veterans Find a Fresh Start with Friday Staffing

Friday Staffing, an Asheville-area staffing agency, announced today that since the year 2000, they have placed more than 600 veterans in good jobs throughout Western North Carolina. Veterans, including those from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, have found jobs in the industrial, technical, and professional industries with Friday Staffing’s help.

“It’s a win-win, working with veterans, they have great experience and great work ethic. Friday’s has the types of jobs that veterans of all skill types can work with,” said David Modaff, President of Friday Staffing.

The Veteran’s Administration recently reported that almost 800,000 veterans are unemployed. This number is expected to grow as high as one million as more veterans come home from the war in Afghanistan.

To be part of the solution, Friday Staffing works closely with many local veterans’ groups to help unemployed vets get working again. Through outreach at the Veterans Restoration Quarters, an organization that serves homeless veterans, Friday Staffing has been able to help over 25 homeless vets get jobs.

“Sometimes an agency like Friday’s is the only place where they can get another chance. And we’re very proud to be part of that second chance,” said Modaff.

Friday Staffing has participated in job fairs sponsored by the Veteran’s Administration and partnered with a number of organizations that are focused on putting veterans back to work including:

  • Asheville’s Veterans Restoration Quarters

  • The Hendersonville Division of Employment

  • The Asheville Division of Workforce Solutions

  • The Haywood County Division of Workforce Solutions

In addition to job fairs, Friday Staffing also offers veteran’s help with resumes and preparing for job interviews. Friday Staffing urges any veteran who is currently seeking employment in Western North Carolina to apply for a job with their agency.

About Friday Staffing:

Friday Staffing is a staffing agency serving Asheville, Hendersonville and Morganton for the last 34 years. Friday Staffing’s mission is to bring the right people to the right job every time with a focus on professional, industrial and technical industries. They are committed to providing the highest quality, ethical professionalism in all aspects of staffing services. To learn more, visit