Elegant Travelling Style by Airwheel Saddle-equipped electric walkcar S8

Different kinds of intelligent vehicles offer people different ways of commuting. If some prefer exercise, they would like to try electric unicycles. If some prefer travelling in the most elegant and comfortable way, Airwheel saddle-equipped mini electric scooter S8 should be at the top of their priority list.

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When most intelligent vehicles focus on a unique way of riding, Airwheel Technology sitting-posture electric scooter allows two kinds of riding postures. For those who find it difficult to control one-wheeled intelligent scooters, can easily learn to use S8. It is equipped with both a saddle and a standing board. Sitting on the vehicle, the center of the body will be lowered and it is easier to keep balance and operate. When riders have mastered the skills of sitting to ride, they can quickly learn to stand to ride. If some would like to get some exercise by riding, they can choose the standing posture of riding. Otherwise, to save some labor, they can sit to operate. Airwheel S8 has offered a complete set of solutions to people with different demands and troubles. People can choose the most desirable posture of riding according to their mood and physical status.

The two operating modes both leave the two hands free. Skillful riders can do other things with two empty hands, such as holding packages or carrying handbags. The electric scooter with seat adopts the Cassinian curve design concept, which appears sportive and robust. The operating rod is designed to be adjustable. Sitting on the saddle, riders can achieve the most elegant and comfortable riding experience.

The hazards of hoverboards are still haunting some scooter fans. They worry about the quality of the intelligent scooters lingers till now. How is Airwheel electric walkcar S8 superior than ordinary ones? S8 is loaded with imported li-ion battery, which has six-folddefences, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection and battery equalization. It has dual motors which guarantee strong power and stable riding speed. The appearance of elegance combining the essence of safety together forge an irresistible product for customers.

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