Senior Travel Just Got Easier With Comealong's Travel Club and Newsletter

Australia, June 7, 2014: Senior Travel Just Got Easier With Comealong's Travel Club and Newsletter Comealong Travel Club, a full service Australian tour company, has expanded its services to include special accommodations for senior travelers.

"Being a senior doesn't mean that you want to stay at home and watch boring reruns on the television. It means that you have the time and the desire to travel to all those exotic locations around the world like you've always wanted to do. If you have wanted to see the sights in Australia, there is no better company to book your travel with than Comealong's Travel Club," says the president of Comealong Travel Club president. "We value our senior members and want to let them know that exploring the wonders of Australia has never been easier than with Comealong Travel Club."

The Seniors Coach Tours are designed to fully immerse senior travelers in the sights and sounds of Australia. For instance, Tasmania Top to Toe offers tourists the ability to enjoy 14 fun filled days in Tasmania, discovering everything that this beautiful regions has to offer. Tourists can also spend 9 days at Kangaroo Island or spend 7 days enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast. There are many different destinations within Australia to choose from. The goal is to allow senior members the opportunity to enjoy the sights at a slower pace and give them the opportunity to truly enjoy the experience rather than rushing from landmark to landmark.

"I've always believed that Australia is meant to be enjoyed, not simply visited. There is a value in having the opportunity to spend so much time in one particular area. This is especially true for seniors who are looking to explore our beautiful country in a way that is truly meaningful. The primary thought behind the senior tours is to offer our senior members a chance to take a tour with other seniors that allows them to explore Australia in a manner that is more meaningful to them.."

What is more is that Comealong's Travel Club also offers an extremely informative newsletter than can help seniors decide what trip works best based on their schedules and preferences. At Comealong Travel Club, they understand the importance of proper planning in order to achieve the best possible results from your vacation. "We at Comealong's Travel Club are continually looking for various ways to provide more value for our members, and one way we do this is by giving them more of what they are looking for. This includes creating senior travel opportunities that offer exciting Holidays for Seniors. We are known for outstanding level of service, and with our exclusive Australia tours, our senior members can expect the same," said the president of Comealong's Travel Center.

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