San Francisco’s AfroSolo Art’s Festival Announces a Sneak Preview of the 2014 Black Voices Series - Our Stories, Our Lives at The Marsh Theatre.

The annual AfroSolo Art’s Festival kicks off this year’s celebration of the black experience, portrayed in art, music, dance and theatre, with a sneak preview on July 21, 2014 at The Marsh Theatre’s Monday Night Marsh.

SAN FRANCISCO (07/07/2014) Fulfilling our mission to nurture, promote and present Black art and culture, AfroSolo is honored to return to the stage at The Marsh in San Francisco’s Mission District with a sneak preview of AfroSolo Arts Festival’s renowned 2014 Black Voices Series Our Voices, Our Lives.

This year’s exceptional festival performers will include solo performance artist’s Stephanie Anne Johnson, Lance Burton, and DJ Lamont, hosted by Thomas Robert Simpson, AfroSolo founder and artistic director.

Stephanie Anne Johnson will perform Every Twenty Days: Cancer, Yoga and Me, her personal story about being diagnosed with cancer in December 2012.  The title refers to her chemotherapy treatments, self-healing practices, and remembrances of family and friends who died from this disease. It’s an intimate, funny, and uplifting story about the journey from diagnosis to treatment to physical well being. Johnson is an AfroSolo alumna as a visual artist and lighting designer. With more than thirty-five years of experience behind the scenes, this show represents Johnson’s first venture into playwriting and solo performance. 

Lance Burton will perform an excerpt from The Irrelevance of Being Relevant the story of a black man who, as a 1st grader, left Little Rock, Arkansas for San Francisco just as the 101st Airborne dropped into Little Rock to escort 9 black students into Central High School. He shares his trials as a teen navigating 1960s civil rights in Fillmore and protest in Haight/Ashbury. Leaping to years later, considers the struggles of loves, marriage and a 30 year career on the fringe of media and technology as a black man in San Francisco. 

DJ Lamont will perform Grandpa Fly. It’s the story of the last time he spent with his grandfather before he passed away. The story is about lessons learned and missed opportunities surrounding the visit. Ultimately, Lamont fulfills some his Grandpa’s wishes, had he lived longer. Lamont is a noted disc jockey and an audio storyteller for radio. He now takes those skills bringing them together in live performance to our stage. 

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About AFROSOLO Art’s Festival:

It's hard to believe more than twenty years have passed since we produced the first AfroSolo Arts Festival. During that time we have presented hundreds of artists, hosted numerous events, and attracted thousands to our productions. Our festivals have garnered rave reviews, received recognition from city, state and national leaders and won the heart and souls of our audiences. We are grateful for all who have recognized and supported our efforts.

As we embark on our third decade, we are endeavoring to be even more provocative, inspirational and informative. We are presently planning our 20th anniversary that will take place this August and September. We endeavor to bring you a festival filled with remarkable music, theatre and dance performances, along with gala events, a great health fair and some extraordinary events dedicated to empowering, uplifting and invigorating our youth.

ABOUT AFROSOLO Theatre Company:

AfroSolo Theatre Company's mission is to nurture, promote, and present African American and African Diaspora art and culture through solo performances and the visual arts. Since 1993, we have provided a forum to give an authentic voice to the diverse experiences of Black people in the Americas. Through art, we bring people of different ethnicities together to explore and share the human spirit that binds us all. 

Funding for the AfroSolo Theatre Company is made possible in part through the support of the Friends of AfroSolo, California Pacific Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Rainbow Grocery Coop, Inc., San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco Grants for the Arts/Hotel Tax Fund, St Francis Medical Center, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival and the Zellerbach Family Foundation.

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