Enrol your child in an international Infant school to provide the best care and educational start

Children are the most precious gifts of god who draw attention of each and every person due to their innocence, smile and pranks. Giving the right parental care and guidance as well as proper educational start to one’s child is a concern of every parent. Each and every parent wants to give the world class educational start and learning facilities to one’s children regardless of the profession or the location. There can be nothing better than getting one’s child enrolled in an exclusive and high-quality international infant school that will provide the best day care facilities as well as the learning environment for your children.

If you are in Zurich or in Zug and are looking for a well reputed International Playschool or infant school then you must select Little Star Day School. The school offers international and Swiss families with an individual day care program and excellent early years education.  Started in 2001 in Zurich Area by Ida Maeder, the school has been a trendsetter and benchmark for high quality childcare. This infant school was one of its kind developed from immediate needs of a highly concerned mother who did not want to leave her babies in the group of elder children in a traditional Nursery in Zurich.

The infant school has been bilingual following its own Early Years Curriculum EYC.  The team of expert multi-cultural staffs who are well versed with child psychology and have traditional experience and innovative knowledge offers complete support for your little star to grow and prosper. Your child is sure to love and like the environment where he would get the loving care and individual support to reach its personal potential.

Little Star Day School has been the leading provider of high-quality child care and early education in the area of Zurich and Zug for more than a decade. Highly motivated and excellent trained professionals are a major asset of the traditional school. The leading international school ensures that your child get the highest class of day-care and education which will nurture the talent and pave the way for holistic growth and progress of your child.

The expert staffs of the school know that each child is different and each child has individual potential and dormant talent. Hence the staffs have been developing innovative methods to bring childcare and early education up to a new higher level and thus meet the needs and requirements of each parent. So if you want the very best for your child in Zurich then get him or her enrolled in Little Star Day School that will provide your child the best day care and proper educational start. If you are looking for an adventure camp for your young student then also you can contact the school administrator and get the much needed services in a cost effective and seamless way. Feel free to visit our online site for more info and services at