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With the increasingly fast pace of life today, people have to bear the greater pressure of work in exchange for more comfortable life. There is more use of portable headphones, portable speakers, laptop and ac adapter, home audio and video systems and other mobile audio and video devices. Out of the wire bundle is an urgent problem to enjoy the freedom of mobile life. In the past two years, wireless audio and video into public view. However, due to the lack of a correct understanding of wireless audio and video products, many users believe that the era of wireless audio and video products is yet to come. In fact, wireless audio and video products are getting into public life, to the major businesses of the new exhibition from the major audio and video.

Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless communications technology. Classic Bluetooth there are some limitations of narrow bandwidth and large delay doomed it can not meet a large the HD audio documentation of the amount of information transmission, so that the sound quality of Bluetooth audio products has been denounced by professional home. Bluetooth 4.0 introduced its low-power energy-saving, high-bandwidth, 3ms low latency and long-distance transmission and other various characteristics are ideal for mobile high-quality audio products. My Love Electronics recently introduced the world's first Bluetooth 4.0 headset woowi HERO, to fill the vacancy. Bluetooth speaker has been to occupy an important position in the field of wireless speakers, portable and wireless transmission.

Imagine a system which has no wires at all So when there are no wires, your home will look clean and the area too where you install your home theatre This does not mean that there will be no wires at all. "wireless' as of now implies minimum wires Earlier there used to be so many wires for this and that A totally wireless AV system for Home theatres is something that all of us are still waiting for But in the meantime what we have is far better than what we used to have Earlier there used to be so many wires hanging out from this point and that point The advanced technology allows you to get terrific sound effect with minimum wires jutting out from everywhere.

The cumbersome cable clutter has been reduced to large extent There are some who shift into new houses on rent where the wiring has not been done internally, there keeping a big bunch of wires is too cumbersome On the other hand leaving wires running on floor from one corner of the room to the other is not advised They not only give an unkempt appearance of the room, they can also hurt When you talk about Home theater system, a large number of cables come to your mind But this is no more the case That's why we call it wireless Audi for Home Theatre. You can manage the system with a remote control that comes with it No more trailing wires that look like snakes crawling on the floor all over So now with no wires at all you have the choice of placing them just where you want No more wires spread like a carpet all over your floor. No one gets hurt as no one will trip over them If you have not yet bought one for your home, go and buy and enjoy the new technology.

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