International Trade Council announces election of new members

International Trade Council announces election of new members

(Brussels, Belgium)  The International Trade Council (ITC) today announced the election of 123 new members from 7 countries.

Under the new 2020 Council Plan, growth in the number of independent companies joining the ITC has expanded by nearly 200% percent over the past year, it was announnced today.

More than half of the increase in the Council's membership comes from commercial organisations - comprised of privately-held businesses in over 50 different industries, including legal, accounting, translation, engineering, freight, document management and retail.

As an independent body, the International Trade Council was formed to disseminate information and develop effective communications between industry and an increasingly complex network of international trade bodies and regulators. The Council also actively monitors various international bodies including the World Trade Organisation and the World Bank. The Council is accredited to a range of regional and international bodies in various countries.

Commentary by ITC leaders, members and supporters have been published in the Economist, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Times,, and the Chicago Tribune, among other news outlets.

The International Trade Council is an independent, nonpartisan membership organisation, think tank, and publisher dedicated to being a resource for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the world of domestic and international trade.

The Council also announced today that it intends to enlarge the consultative committee to embrace the world of academia and research. It is also the intention to create a number of debating spaces to promote inter-disciplinary discussion and thinking, especially amongst younger members – notably small business owners. The next Governing Board meeting will be held on the 18th July 2014 in Manila.

Businesses looking to enrol for membership in the ITC are welcome to apply online at