Reasons For Exercising Regularly



By Jean-Sebastien Fabre, certified personal trainer Orlando FL


There are a lot of people in this world who believe in exercising regularly, because they are aware of the benefits our health can derive from exercises. However, even after these people are aware about the benefits, some of them still do not exercise regularly, whatsoever. The goal of this article is to prompt such people by highlighting the many health-advantages of a regular exercise.


I am going to talk about one of my trainee. We will call her Laura, she is 46 years old. Like a number of people, hardly anything motivates Laura to exercise. She has started an exercise routine which she has been following from the past year, under my guidance and motivation, but still she doesn’t enjoy it so much, to be honest, even if we have fun most of the time. But another honest fact is that now she feels as healthy as she could ever be.


Starting to exercise is kind of a boring concept, but the after-feel is amazing. And the weirdest part is that doing the same exercise next week is tough again. True, but you will get such a reward!


The positive effects of exercise on our health

Better, uninterrupted sleep

Reduction in stress

Improvement in posture

Stronger muscles are gained

Heart and lungs function efficiently

Eradicates chances of heart and lung diseases

Improvement of overall circulation

Reduction in blood pressure

Reduction in depression

Reduction in cholesterol levels

Lessens chances of arthritis


The benefits in the above list indicate that there is a lot to exercise for. There are a lot of such other benefits which I can bring out!


It won’t be unfair to say that  Laura has been able to manage  her stress levels efficiently and effectively by exercising regularly. Being an anxious and paranoid person, exercise has helped her to overcome the negativity of  her mind, softly and positively.


She loves food! But now she can take care of her weight and keep it down with the help of exercise.


Depression was one problem Laura was always haunted by, before she started exercising regularly. After the start of her exerted regime, depression is something she doesn’t relate herself to.


Just for the sake of deriving the numerous benefits of exercising, she will keep on doing it, even if some days, it is hard to show up at the gym.


To those who don’t exercise, I advice them to start exercising to gain the merits like Laura does. I wish their exercising journey be as successful as  Laura's.


To achieve your goals, the help of a certified personal trainer is critically important.



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