Ergonomically Smart Workstations from The Caretakers

The Caretakers, a leading provider of office fit-outs and renovation services, offers a range of ergonomically smart workstations as their response to the trends in office planning.

[PERTH, JUNE 23, 2014]—The Caretakers, one of the leading companies that provide office fit-outs and renovation services in Australia, offers a range of ergonomically smart workstations. This particular offering is the company’s response to the trends in office planning and ergonomics, which are both important in efficiency and productivity.

More than Chairs and Tables

Other than tables and smart chairs that provide comfort and lumbar support, The Caretakers focuses on design and installation of office workstation screens. They coordinate the screens with their furniture for a fully functional and ergonomic workspace.

For a workstation to be truly smart, The Caretakers asks for the specifications of the clients, puts their own feedback, and create a design that incorporates the elements from both parties. Once the layout is agreed upon, the company will then work on matching the products and services with the client’s budget. 

The Caretakers has a range of portable screens for offices that have temporary needs and specifications. Their versatile freestanding screens come in a size that can suit all requirements. The screens are covered in acoustic and Velcro-compatible fabric. They have adjustable feet that can stand on uneven floors.

For Specific Needs

For offices with specific needs, The Caretakers can make custom furniture pieces, from cubicles to reception tables. All the clients need to do is to list down all their office concerns, number of employees, and some add-ons to the current functions of the furniture.

About The Caretakers

The Caretakers is a leading company that provides office furniture, fit-outs, and renovation services. They have gained recognition for their excellent planning and great focus on quality. They also offer indispensable advice on how to make the most of an office space or to use a specific set of furniture properly.  Founded in 1978 by Gus Sinclair, The Caretakers offers integrated solutions that will suit the needs of offices of different sizes.  They also manage the Skilcraft Office Furniture, a separate company that heavily focuses on furniture innovations and workstation solutions.

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