Eazley Support Cushion for sleeping upright in bed

Eazley Cushion is designed to help people sleep upright in bed. They continually strive to be a great company. Eazley is committed to providing high-quality products to their customers.

Do you find yourself slouched on the sofa in order to get comfortable?  Do you use countless pillows to prop yourself up in bed ?. Eazley solves these problems by offering comfort and support where it's needed. They believe being comfortable isn’t just an indulgence, it’s a necessity to obtaining quality sleep and maintaining good health.

This support pillow is designed for use in the bed or chair and by anyone who requires to be sitting upright to sleep or who likes to read in bed. The pillow moulds around the body and supports the shoulder blades and elbows preventing the user from slipping down the bed. In addition to providing comfort, this pillow can also provide the necessary support for the neck and spine - alleviating or preventing many common forms of back pain and neck pain.

Their cushions will help diffuse pressure, adjust your posture to better support your body. The pillow is not only extremely comfortable but also very supportive with a head rest that can be removed or adjusted. The hollow fibres allow air to flow freely through the filling which helps prevent against temperature variations. The cover is made from fire retardant polyester which can be easily removed and washed. Spare covers are available

People with the following conditions often find that being upright in bed helps them sleep better. Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds/Flu, Stiff Neck, Recovery from Surgery, Bad Back, Pulled Muscles, Pregnancy, Emphysema, Gastric Reflux, Osteoporosis; Headaches and Injuries


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