The situation of high price LED products will be ended by the improvement of technologies

China – It has been reported that the biggest problem which restricts the promoting of the LED lighting products such as led high bay should be the price of this product. When consumers are facing with the LED products which price is several times to energy-saving lamps and incandescent, they often choose the cheap normal and traditional lighting products. Although the price of LED lights has had continuously declining, it still was not accepted by most of consumers. However, the high selling price for LED products could be resulted from many reasons.

As the introduction of editor from website which is the official website of China most professional LED high bay lamps manufacturer, the cooling design of LED application products should be one reason which will enhance the cost of LED production. Generally speaking, the cost for structural design of the LED lamp normally occupies 20 percent of the total cost.

The design for the cooling structure should be the main part of the wholly design of the LED products especially the led street lights that will produce large volume of heat. For normal LED manufacturer, they generally maintain the cost for cooling design to 5 percent of the total design cost. In fact, the design for cooling structure is very simple. Manufacturers always need to grasp two directions. First, the path between the LED chip and the heat sink element should be as short as possible, the shorter of the path, the better of the thermal design. Second, the heat resistance of the LED lamp needs to be as low as enough. This will directly promote the demand and requirements for the material which manufacturer will use for manufacturer the LED lamp.

The editor from website also said that the power should be the weakest link of the LED lamps and this point directly hold back the development of LED lamps. However, the quality of this part needs to be improved as quickly as possible. Now, the design for this part account for about 20% of the total design costs. However, with the development, the cost for this part should be probably 5 to 10 percent.

Most of people said that the LED lighting products such as led high bay lights are very expensive. In fact, the price of LED products is relative higher than other traditional lighting products. As the high tech products which had been invented in the 1990s, the cost for this product is not high. People should know that LED has many advantages such as environmentally friendly, energy-saving and no mercury. In particularly, the price of LED products such as led high bays will slide down in each season. Each people should believe that the price of this product could reach to acceptable standards of people in a short period of time.


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