Airwheel intelligent Personal Transport Vehicles help you to collect every type of Pokemon in the Pokemon Go

The game’s daily active users have already skyrocketed and look likely to overtake Snapchat and Google Maps. You can see people who play this game, such as streets, railway stations, parks and community squares etc. In order to capture some scare animals, they dare to burst into Ladies Room or police office. Here comes the question-what kind of vehicles is most helpful? It must be Airwheel intelligent electric vehicles.

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Car drivers may show smile since cars are always fast so they can collect more but playing games during driving is such a dangerous action.

Let me tell you that do not forget the intelligent electric vehicles. Electric vehicles produced by Airwheel, manipulated by electricity, will save much energy and raise the speed. Owing to their small size, they can stop anytime you want. Even if those Pokemons are hidden into narrow alleys or inside the buildings, you can ride Airwheel electric vehicles to catch them.

Afterword, for how to pick up one from the various series products of Airwheel, it depends on you. S8 double-wheels electric self-balancing scooter is available for two modes’ riding. Player can sit to ride in each corner of the city they live. The 10-inch tires make S8 to move more smoothly even if riders are driving in the uneven or bumpy roads.

A big part for choosing Z5 electric standing scooter will be its triple folding system. Small size after folding, light weight and the folding system allow Z5 to be easily parked and carried into public transportation tools.

E6 e-bike is not merely a portable means of transportation, but also a fashionable scene when you are strolling in the park for catching Pokemons.

The above ones are just part of the types, if you are interested in them, you can visit the governmental website of Airwheel

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