H. J. has just launched her method to lose 100 lbs. in a year by eating 3 salads each day

H. J. has just launched her method to lose 100 lbs. in a year by eating 3 salads each day . She has spent 3 months to see if this weight loss method works, and finally she created a new YouTube video about it.

Her method is based on caloric deficit and on the fact that in order to lose a pound the caloric deficit must be 3500 calories. This way in order for somebody to lose 100 pounds in a year, she or he must hava a caloric deficit of almost 1000 calories per day, and HJ is sure that by eating 3 salads per day, this caloric deficit can be achieved quite easily.

HJ has made some salad recipes that have only 220 calories, so by eating them one person only eats about 660 calories. And even if the salads are bigger, and some ingredients high in calories are added to them, still in the worst case they all have about 1000 calories. The idea is that by eating 3 salads, the metabolism gets really fast, in fact HJ has proven the fact that eating 3 salads per day increases the metabolism of a 40 years old women with at least 400 calories each day.

And another great benefit of this method for losing 100 pounds for women is that fact that the person who eats 3 salads per day, will have more energy and will not be hungry all day, making this a great way for fast weight loss and not being hungry.

HJ did not say anything about how many calories must be eaten in a day, but in order for this method to work, the total calories a person should consume in a day must be about 1500 calories and not more. Even though this is not easy to be done by every person, so HJ also included a few motivational tips in her video, tips to keep any person motivated for at least 3-4 weeks. HJ considers that in 3-4 weeks a person should lose at least 10 pounds, enough to see that this method can work.

And in order to make this method even more efficient, HJ has introduced some great exercises and her idea is that with some easy workouts done 3 times per week, a person can lose 100 pounds in 6 months, instead of a year , just because through exercises the body burns more calories each day.

For more details on losing 100 pounds of fat in a year, everybody should go and watch her original YouTube video in this urn https//

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