About Floors

Replacing outdated or damaged floors with Wood Flooring West Sussex is one of the most elegant and practical upgrades you can make to your home. Not only do they add beauty and personality to a house,making it seem cleaner and brighter, but they also add value and they also clean up easy, with a minimum of effort. If it is installed and maintained properly, investing in Wood Flooring West Sussex can visibly enhance the beauty of your home and it also has the potential to last for up to a century!

When talking of Wood Flooring West Sussex and Floor Sealing West Sussex, there is a company that is highly appreciated for its services in West Sussex, Sussex and the surrounding area: About Floors. About Floors is a small family business started initially in Burgess Hill that aims to provide great Wood Flooring West Sussex services to all its customer at reasonable costs, so that the client can save his finances from dissolve instantly just for getting e new floor. Specialists at the company mentioned above have the skills to provide any kind of flooring service, no matter if it consists of rejuvenating an old flooring with sanding and Floor Sealing West Sussex or laminate flooring.

At the company About Floors all the possible flooring needs are covered, from sports floor marking, laminate and Wood Flooring West Sussex to Floor Sealing West Sussex and sanding. Potential customers can choose from a vast array of flooring services, like wood floor repairs, floors sanding, new wood and laminate floors supplied and fitted, sports floor marking and court markings and even Floor Sealing West Sussex, all realised with virtually dust free machines, used for both domestic and commercial work. The specialist will make sure that the work is done perfectly and clean, without making the house a whole mess or without damaging the walls and the existing floor that will be reconditioned or replaced.

Instead of crowding a room with ugly and heavy carpets to cover up the old, scratched floor, why not get rid of the undesired rugs instead and have the floor repaired? About Floors offer high quality flooring services at extremely affordable prices! Moreover, the specialists always strive to meet their customers’ needs as much as possible, so that the final product, in this case the floor, looks exactly how the customer wanted! The company can also cater for sports needs, like marking out a court for a sports hall flour!

Revive your floor today and make it look like new again, replace it all and choose a new floor design that represents you, do whatever you want! No matter the Wood Flooring West Sussex service you may choose, the specialists working at About Floors are ready to bring all your idea to life and create for you the perfect floor! For many details about the company, visit There you will find a list with all the services available, and also a photo gallery containing a sample of About Floor specialists’ work. If further guidance is needed, Tom is waiting for you everyday at the end of a phone line, so call the number 01444 870 667 and find out all you need to know about this amazing company!

If you are interested in getting services Wood Flooring West Sussex and Floor Sealing West Sussex, visit or call Tom at 01444 870 667 and discover About Floors!