High protein meals under 100 calories

High protein meals under 100 calories or foods are very important and efficacious way to lose weight and build muscles and it does not effect n your diet. In this post you will know the high protein meals under 100 calories you should always eat, because as we all know that we should not overdo eating too much high calorie protein foods, they cause to many health's troubles and diseases. Moreover, one of the main diseases these calorie protein foods cause is that you will always face blood pressure and for sure it makes fatness more than anything else could do.

That is why in this article, we provide and recommend for you the best high protein meals under 100 calories that you can eat and you are very certain, you are eating the right healthy high protein foods which will lead you to several benefits as we mentioned before, losing weight and build muscles, more energy …

And these high protein meals under 100 calorie and why not high protein foods with the fewest calories are listed below:

White beans:
This high protein meal is very special because of many beneficial things, you feel very replete when you eat it and lasting energy. Anyway, white beans contains plant proteins and natural fiber also carbohydrates and every 100 gram of white beans contains 70 calories.

Boiled eggs:
As we all know eggs contain a good amount of protein, and of course boiled eggs are much more better than any other like the ones that cooked with oil. Additionally, eggs are easy to be ready and it is counted as a fast protein, in 10 minutes you can get a boiled egg and when we say a boiled egg we say 78 calories because every whole boiled egg contains 78 calories.

Turkey meat:
This high protein food under 100 calories contains a big rate of protein and zinc. Anyway, you are free to choose the part you can eat in turkey but we recommend for you the turkey breast or legs. You should know that every 45 gram of turkey legs conns 100 calorie and for sure it is a high protein food.

The foods above were the best high protein meals under 100 calories you can eat in your daily diet, always try to eat them but you should eat just the amount that we recommend to do not exceed the 100 calories, and do not forget to vary, try everyday to eat one of them and some days do not eat nothing from them. And you will see the out in few months.