Croatian Sensation Marina Godanj Sings to Whitney Houston Tribute

With her soulful singing, the versatile Marina Godanj enjoys a great fan following on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc social networks. She recently paid tribute to Whitney Houston with her I Will Always Love You cover, which again brings her the fame, fortune and flashbulbs that she deserves. This Whitney Houston Tribute has currently around one million views on YouTube and it is ruling the popularity chart on other networks too. Marina’s heart touching voice and her superior singing ability have made this song very popular among the music lovers and it has added to her fan followings.

Marina finds Whitney Houston very close to her heart and this is the reason why she decided to dedicate this song to her. The idea is to provide her audience an access to free and the type of music they love and enjoy. She has always been phenomenal in bringing an extra-ordinary piece of singing that could enthrall the audience. Her Adele Someone like you cover released just a few months back won rave reviews and is a popular music video to enjoy on YouTube. Marina has showcased some exceptional singing talent in this song which establishes her as a new music sensation of the modern era.

When asked what made her to sing in commendation of Whitney Houston, she replies overwhelmingly, “Whitney and her singing have always been a source of inspiration for me. She left us and the whole music community can never forget her contributions to the music world. It’s my small bit to pay her a tribute and remember her music.” Marina’s song for Whitney Houston has been greatly recognized by the music lovers, critics and others as a piece of music that endeavors to relive Whitney’s singing. Whitney was an adorable singer and actor and her unfortunate death has shocked the whole world. Now, Marina’s tribute song is the way for millions to remember Whitney and her singing.

Many music enthusiasts feel that Marina Godanj Vevo has done a great job by singing I Will Always Love You cover in remembrance of Whitney Houston. Her other songs are also rising on the popularity charts and a large number of viewers are accessing her songs on YouTube on a daily basis. One can learn more about the singer and can glimpse through her singing talent by following the link

About Marina Godanj

Marina Godanj is a Croatian singer who has published several entertaining free music videos on YouTube. She is a singing talent of the modern times and has a great fan following on YouTube and other popular social networks.

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