Laruche Offers Modern Event Options For Corporate Functions

Laruche, a bespoke cocktail bar in Brisbane, provides a range of modern event areas suitable for corporate functions. The bar gives more information about their services on their website.

[Fortitude Valley, Queensland, June 30, 2014] – Laruche, a bespoke two-storey cocktail bar in Brisbane, gives a modern touch to corporate events by providing a unique and innovative setting for business functions. The themed areas of Laruche are not only perfect for networking and commercial dealings, but also for celebrations.

Fit For Corporate Functions

Laruche offers perfect venues for corporate functions, highlighting a venue called The Boardroom, which can accommodate six to eight persons. They explain that their unique and innovative setups can become a location for work presentations, awarding ceremonies, or simple celebrations with the clients’ business partners and team.

Valuing customer experience, Laruche notes that the bar can comfortably cater to the needs of both large and small corporate functions, from a range of sliders and ciders, to different area sizes and styles. Through flexible venues, they offer group seating arrangements that encompass open and intimate environments with luxurious enhancements. The double-storey bar can adjust their packages and costs, depending on the clients’ function requirements.

Ultimate Bar Experience

Apart from catering to corporate needs, Laruche promises customers a world of possibilities when celebrating in the bar. They embark on a journey with their customers through beautiful decor accented by plump sofas, flamboyant lounge chairs, and spectacular chandeliers.

Laruche provides an ultimate bar experience with a variety of delicious food offerings and themed cocktail drinks and martinis. They explain that their themed food and drink offerings are inspired by the previous centuries—from Punches 1690s to the Old Fashioned 1890s that include stirred combinations of spirits, sugar, bitters, and a twist of citrus.

ABOUT LARUCHE                 

Laruche is a bespoke two-storey cocktail bar based in Brisbane that offers scenic themed venues, accommodating celebrations of up to 300 persons. The bar is suitable for a variety of events, from nights-out and casual meet-ups to corporate celebrations. With six divisions, the venue is flexible in providing either a party atmosphere or a relaxing haven. Apart from excellent customer service, Laruche provides a sophisticated ambience along with an affordable price list of sliders and ciders. The bar is located at 680 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley in Australia. They are open Wednesday to Sunday, from 5 p.m. until the break of dawn.

Clients who need more information or want to make reservations may visit