Brad Pilon Launches Eat Stop Eat For Better Health


Surabaya, Jawa Timur (January 11, 2014): Brad Pilon has launched a new book named Eat Stop Eat recently. The book is said to be a perfect solution for people who wish to have a healthy life.

A spokesperson of the book says, “There have been many books in real and online that advises people to reduce their weight. But all the tips, advise with the old patterns of dieting and exercising. The book Eat Stop eats is a unique book with unique ideas of reducing weight and also maintaining the metabolism of the person”.

Everyone wishes to have a healthy life and a healthy body. But at times due to the lack of time in taking care of the fitness or some other reasons, the person lacks in being healthy. There are a number of ways how a person can get fitness. A person can gain weight or can lose weight by the various ways. 

These ways can be hectic exercises, or dieting for several days. Now it becomes really tough for a person to stay away from their favorite food items during these dieting sessions. So there is a nice way to reduce the weight of a person in just a few simple steps that also in some time. 

Brad Pilon has come up with this excellent book that can help the reader with some excellent ways to reduce weight and stay fit and healthy. The book does not ask the reader to go for hard muscular exercise or for hard core dieting. It introduces new ways to burn calories in less than 24 hours. 

A user of the book tips has said, “I have been using the tips provided by the book for a couple of weeks and I have found a great difference in me”. 

The tips in the book allow the reader to maintain the metabolism while losing the weight. It also helps the readers to build up muscles along with losing weight. No matter man or woman it affects on everyone and also helps in cellular cleansing. 

The tips explained in the book are far different than the tips mentioned anywhere else for reducing weight. 

About Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat is a book by the author Brad Pilon for people who are in the mess of maintaining their health. People who are tired of the age old methods of reducing their weight and maintaining themselves have a great gift by the author as the name of Eat Stop Eat. The book can be looked at


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Eat Stop Eat