PVP Advantage Contrast of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2

Compared with the mature WOW, Guild Wars 2 as a new MMORPG game is not good at PVE system. Copy of Guild Wars 2 in terms of mechanism is not complex as WOW, not the precision of the triangle and hatred system, now as well as does not have a copy of the team level.

So far, the senior players don’t have much play space, the ability of ordinary basic players will be no pressure force to play. Though GW2 is less excellent than WOW, but it can be fair in PVP. Following are some Analysis shared by

The core of WOW PVP content (play with wow gold) is mainly arena; each battle now is basic brush the battlefield to the place of honor, and not a lot of professional players’ battle. Arena is divided into 1, 3, 5 persons types, have a ladder, the equipment system as opposed to a PVE separation properties. Type is due to the small team PVP, so World of Warcraft quite tall to the requirement of competitive balance between careers, must constantly through the official patches and real-time situation to adjust content arena, this pattern also favored elite players.

PVP and PVE part of Guild wars 2 are relative separation, even you are level 1 player, once join into WvW, you will automatically upgrade to level 80. WvW is the core content that is the against part, three groups of servers cross-server WvW against support thousands of people with the figure, larger than the battlefield size of WOW up to 50 people. Because PVE content is not very rich, therefore WvW is the main ultimate goal as well as gw2 gold for players in the late at present, large groups against more pay attention to strategy and strategy is also very accord with domestic players' appetite, slightly less competitive, without any threshold.


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