World Cigarettes Ireland focuses on the extent to which the market has evolved during the last twelve years in line with changing smoking habits in Ireland, the competitive environment and economic developments. The end result is an accurate and objective interpretation of market trends (since 1990) and directions, assessing underlying currents of change and projecting the market scenarios of the future, providing forecasts to 2022.

Ireland has the highest cigarette prices in the EU (€8.92 per pack) and as a result non-duty paid sales are substantial, standing at 1.6 billion pieces in 2012, equivalent to almost 30% of overall consumption.

There is no cigarette production in Ireland with the market entirely supplied by imports. JTI accounts for over half the duty-paid market, followed by Imperial Tobacco (21.8%) and BAT (17.5%).

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Table of Contents

Market Size
Cigarette Consumption, 1990-2013
Per Capita Consumption, 1990-2013
Retail Sales of Cigarettes (Value), 1990-2012
Fine Cut Tobacco Sales, 2001-2012
Licit and Illicit Consumption Estimates, 2005-2012
Customs and Excise Cigarette Seizures, 1997-2013
Market Structure
Sales of Cigarettes by Type, 2000-2008
Cigarette Sales by Tar Level, 2000 and 2005
Market Segmentation by Size and Price Positioning, 2000-2007
Retail Distribution of Cigarettes, 2008 and 2009
Manufacturers and Brands
Sales and Market Shares of Leading Manufacturers, 2000-2013
Brand Family Ranking, 2008-2013
Market Shares of Leading Brands, 2000-2012
Cigarette Brand Preference, 2010
Cigarette Brand Preference by Gender, 2010 and 2012
Cigarette Brand Preference by Age Group, 2010
Taxation and Retail Prices
The Structure of Taxation on Cigarettes, 1990-2013
Average Incidence of Duty and VAT Per Packet of 20 Cigarettes, 1998-2012
EU Countries, Retail Price and Tax Incidence Comparison, 2013
Retail Prices
Retail Price Trends, 1990-2013
Weighted Average Prices, 2007
Selected Retail Prices, 2010-2014
The Smoking Population
Smoking Population, 1990-2012
Smoking Prevalence by Age, Gender and Social Class, 2007
Smoking Prevalence by Gender, Age and Social Class, 1998-2007
Cigarette Smoking by Region, 2010
Production and Trade
Cigarette Production, 1990-2006
Imports of Cigarettes, 1990-2012
Imports of Cigarettes by Country of Origin, 2000-2012
Exports of Cigarettes, 1990-2012
Exports of Cigarettes by Country of Destination, 2000-2012
Operating Constraints
Advertising Restriction
Health Warnings
Other Restrictions
Company Profiles
JTI Ireland Limited (previously Gallaher (Dublin) Ltd)
John Player and Sons Ltd
PJ Carroll and Company Ltd
Prospects and Forecasts
Consumption Forecasts to 2022

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