Two Latest Announcements From Google Webmaster Tools Analytics Report – Separated Mobile Stats And Rounding Of Search Queries Got Removed

Increasing website ranking for the search results and doing active planning for the future SEO strategies will be much easier and accurate for the webmasters as Google has improved the search queries reports. In a recent move, this global tech giant has announced that search query data will be no longer rounded or bucketed and this will be noticed very soon in the coming week or even days. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller announced this improvement on the official blog of Google Webmaster which also included release of latest mobile statistics for your website in the report of Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries.


Four basic metrics pillars of SEO report

Webmasters and bloggers are acquainted with the SEO tricks and strategies that make their pages rank higher in the search results but it becomes more logical to know about how Google Analytics prefers your pages to keep at the top position. Basically, Google Analytics keeps four metrics in the search data which will comprise the final Web search data report mentioned below –

·         Impressions – times when your web page was shown in the Google search result excluding paid    AdWords.

·         Clicks – times when users clicked on the page shown in search result, excluding paid AdWords.

·         Average Position – ranking of your website on an average.

·         CTR – often termed as clickthrough rate and calculated by Clicks upon Impressions by 100.

On the other hand, the search report from Google analytics also defines multi-dimensional and geographical approach to assess the diversification of users’ priorities for searching as: -

·         Mobile

·         Web

·         Image, and

·         Video


Google’s First announcement – Searching queries will not be rounded

As it states clear that no rounding will be done to the search query stats in regards of clicks or impressions for your website, it will become more actionable for the webmasters. With more accurate and specific search results, the bloggers and website owners will be more pleased to take prioritized actions for SEO planning. They will be also aware of the current position and status of clickthroughs where and why users are clicking for the worst or best case. Google Webmaster Tools will display the specific search results and data right below the icon of impression or clicks.


Google’s Second Announcement – inclusion of Filter for Mobile Search Queries

In the previous days, Google often summed up the desktop or web and mobile search queries to be displayed in the Google Webmaster Tools report which created confusion and disappointed the webmasters to prioritize their SEO actions for mobile users. With this announcement, the Analytics will show separate search queries report for the desktop and mobile users so that web owners can clearly know what is not clear and apparent in the mobile web page.

On the other hand, the search query report will also sharpen the display for ‘skip redirect’ moves of the users when they are directed to the mobile version of the website. With this, the webmasters will know when the potential users and visitors were redirected to the mobile page although they saw the desktop version web page.


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