In-Depth Overview on ICT investment trends in small enterprises till 2016

​ICT investment trends in small enterprises ;Enterprise ICT spending patterns through to the end of 2016 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Small firms are the main drivers in promoting economic growth, increasing employment, and maintaining social stability. Rising uncertainties in the global economic outlook have compelled small enterprises to look out for disruptive technologies such as cloud computing and business intelligence, to enable them to stay competitive and increase their revenues. Additionally, technologies such as mobility, cloud computing, enterprise applications, and business intelligence offer benefits such as reduced operational costs, improved productivity, and the better streamlining of operations to ensure sustainable growth.

Key Findings
- The survey shows that small enterprises are optimistic about investing in various ICT domains in 2015. Enterprises are allocating a major proportion of their ICT budgets to core domains such as hardware, software, and IT services.

- Investments in hardware are primarily driven by the growing use of clients and networking equipment, while investments in software are driven by the need to streamline and optimize processes, to run operations better, and to reduce costs and replace paper processes.

- Small enterprises are paying significant attention to enhancing customer satisfaction in the long run in order to gain a competitive advantage.

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ICT investment trends in small enterprises presents the findings from a survey of 1,203 small enterprises regarding their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) investment trends. The survey investigates how small enterprises currently allocate their ICT budgets across the core areas of enterprise ICT expenditure: hardware, software, IT services, communications, and consulting.

The report illustrates the core technologies these enterprises are investing in, including business intelligence, mobility, and cloud computing. Understand the approach adopted by small enterprises to purchase technology and get a better insight into ICT vendors and services providers when pitching their solutions to small enterprises.

In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following:

- How ICT budgets are set to change in 2015 in terms of their overall size

- Allocation across the core elements of IT spend, including hardware, software, services, communications, and consulting

- Distribution of ICT money in areas such as the networks, applications, service desk, and data centers

- Which ICT functions small enterprises are interested in outsourcing

- Small enterprises' investment priorities based on their budget allocations across core technology categories such as business intelligence, mobility, and cloud computing

- Factors that are influencing small enterprises' investments in each technology category

- How small enterprises' IT budgets are currently allocated across various segments within a technology category

Reasons To Buy

- Understand how the small enterprises ICT landscape is set to change in 2015 to prioritize your target market

- Comprehend how ICT money are being allocated by small enterprises in specific geographies and size bands to improve your market penetration

- Make effective business decisions by recognizing the opportunities within each of the core areas of ICT spend (hardware, software, IT services, telecommunications, and consulting)

- Realign your sales initiatives by understanding the current strategic objectives of small enterprises

- Enhance your market segmentation with the included, detailed breakdown of opportunities within selected technology categories (business intelligence, mobility, and cloud computing)

- Prioritize your focus areas by understanding which factors are influencing small enterprises' decisions when selecting an ICT provider

- Understand the changes in customers' priorities and identify the business and IT objectives that small enterprises are looking to achieve through their ICT investment strategies

Companies Mentioned

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