Androsform Shares Excellent Ab Workouts and Health Tips

By Gavin B. Drew

Philadelphia, PA – April 28, 2014. Androsform, a website dedicated to men’s health, fashion and lifestyle, just published an article on their website on how to do ab workouts. According to the site, this workout when combined with diet and exercise, are key to staying in good shape.

The information provided on the site jibes with the most recent findings made by doctors and medical researchers. According to the latest findings, regular workouts won’t just increase muscle mass but also shed off unwanted pounds, tone muscles and improve body resistance and endurance. Experts pointed out that by doing kettlebell workout regularly, men and women will achieve faster and better results.

Androsform also posted a related article which shows that a kettlebell workout plays a pivotal role in increasing the body’s tolerance for pain and at the same time strengthens the joints and bones. These findings have been echoed in other studies which also state that working out the abs regularly helps reduce back pain, build up energy and make the body more resistant to fatigue.

While Androsform has several articles about health, the website announced they are expanding and now have several articles about mens fashion as well. Currently, the fashion section of the site covers topics including tips for wearing suits and developing a sense of style. In addition, a website spokesperson said they have several new articles and features covering finance, general fitness, meditation, music, sports and other topics that men will find interesting.  


About Androsform

Androsform is an online website devoted to the modern man. Since it was founded, the site has become a repository of information and knowledge about men’s health, fashion, sports, self improvement, weight loss and more. Keeping true to their goal of uplifting the modern man, articles and posts on the site concerning sexual health, fitness and grooming are updated regularly.  

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