How you can attach Coral Frags in your Aquarium

The intention is always to give those new towards the hobby and very good thought on tips on how to attach coral frags to rockwork inside your aquarium. The strategies provided beneath are procedures I have actually made use of at 1 time or an additional and will cure underwater so rocks don’t have to be removed to do it, but if rocks are effortlessly removed it can be much easier to accomplish outside from the tank.

What you'll need:

Super glue gel, regular super glue works but gel operates substantially significantly better.


Marine two component epoxy, the type to mix together with your fingers.

Paper towels

And needless to say a coral frag!

Now you’ll choose to find a place in your tank to mount your frag. You’ll desire to take into account the needs that your new coral calls for, light, flow and so on. In the event the place features a slight depression it is going to make it somewhat easier.

If your frag disk or plug would match better trimming it initially, now will be the time for you to do it. Typically times I will remove the tiny protrusion on the bottom of the disk with a pair of small wire cutters ahead of I glue it in the tank.

If applying marine epoxy mix it now, and attach it towards the bottom of the frag disk. Then basically push the coral to the rock where you would like it to attach. If you have super glue gel on hand you could apply some straight for the epoxy and can enable to create a quicker bond.

If making use of only super glue gel apply a generous portion to the bottom of your frag disk. Then place the frag exactly where you want it in your tank. Wiggle it about slightly bit when applying it and you will need to hold it to get a couple minutes even though the glue sets (yes it sets underwater). I typically instances get glue on my fingers nevertheless it typically just peels off as soon as it truly is dry.

Epoxy will give you a stronger bond than just super glue but I typically just use super glue for the reason that because the coral grows over time it'll encrust more than the glue and make the bond that a great deal stronger. I also don’t be concerned regarding the glue displaying afterwards as the coral will develop over the glue and you will not be capable of see it down the road.

And presto you've attached your very first frag inside your aquarium. Get pleasure from and happy reefing.

Author Bio:

Jared would be the owner of where he performs with 100's of reside coral frags every day. Attaching coral frags is often rapid and straightforward with a tiny practice.