"Barinageddon" attracts more than 700,000 views on YouTube generating 5m+ impressions across social media

"We're thrilled to see so many rev-heads watching and sharing Barinageddon. Australia has its first automotive Internet superstar, and it's a Barina." -- Chimney Group's Lee Ritson

Chimney Group Asia-Pacific has partnered with NRMA Insurance to launch BARINAGEDDON, a branded entertainment campaign based upon the Australian-produced Internet sensation, “Buy My Barina.”

In July 2014, “Buy My Barina” took social media by storm with a viral video to find a new owner for a decrepit 1999 Holden Barina hatchback. Now the public is getting their first look at what happened next in BARINAGEDDON.

Shot at a secret test lab, BARINAGEDDON is a spoof feature film trailer that follows the journey of one of Australia’s most famous hatchbacks as it is handed over to engineers and begins the rigours of automotive testing. But something goes horribly wrong and the Barina transforms into BARINAGEDDON.

Hosted on a bespoke digital platform – - the trailer is designed to drive engagement with NRMA Insurance’s community safety content.

The “Buy My Barina” campaign generated worldwide media coverage and over 1.2 million hits on YouTube, turning the humble hatchback into a global sensation. NRMA Insurance purchased the Barina with all proceeds going to Cancer Council Australia.

Robert McDonald, Head of Research at NRMA Insurance, said, “When we purchased the Barina in August, we said we had some special plans for this little car. We did perform some tests including a new type of crash test and people can view this here.”

McDonald continued,  “BARINAGEDDON takes our plans well beyond what we could have imagined, and the resulting content is entertaining, engaging and a great way to attract customers to our brand and the full breadth of content on this YouTube channel.

Lee Ritson, Chief Executive Officer of Chimney Group Asia-Pacific, added, “NRMA Insurance has been the perfect partner to transform the Barina into a Hollywood blockbuster action star.  They appreciate what engaging and compelling content can do.”

Chimney Group Asia-Pacific also announced plans to crowd source a feature film production of BARINAGEDDON through Kickstarter. For more details, visit BARINAGEDDON’s Kickstarter page here.

“The Barina’s Hollywood makeover deserves the opportunity to make it to the big screen,” said Ritson.  “We think fans can fuel-inject this dream into a reality.”

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