SYOPTEK’s Fiber Optic Testers with Integrated LCD Display Launched for Testing Facilitation

China - Fiber optic testers are instrumental in optical fiber cable installation, maintenance as well as verification. SYOPTEK, a China based manufacturer of fiber optic tools, also offers a rich assortment of fiber optic tester. Many of the fiber optic testers that the manufacturers offer come with integrated LCD display, which helps users, or field technicians to provide precision engineering solutions.

According to the manufacturers, the fiber optic testers that they are offering now come with integrated visual fault locator and many other features that can be extremely useful in on-field operations for fiber optic telecommunications engineers and workers.

The rugged fiber optic testers are shock-proof and moisture-proof and are made of highly durable materials. A number of testers brought to the market by SYOPTEK have USB and RJ45 compatibility. The manufacturers told the press that the standard accessories for the fiber optic testers, including the likes of FC/PC adapter, cotton swabs and carrying bag are available with them.

“Anybody working within the fiber optic network communications industry for quite some time now knows that testers play a pivotal role in day-to-day operations. The various types of fault locators and testers that we have brought to the market now are made to fit the precise needs of the field technicians. The VFL-100 Visual Fault Locator, for example, can easily identify problem areas in fiber cables. Users can easily identify the break locations, faulty connectors and splices and easily diagnose the reasons behind repeated or continued signal loss”, a spokesperson for SYOPTEK was quoted verbatim by the local press.

“Not only this, the OTDR 110-SM, PM Series Optical Power Meter, single-mode launch cable box, FSE Series electrodes, Co-Axial Illumination Microscope and many other products which we have in store can facilitate easy and efficient operations”, the spokesperson added during a press conference.

The CEO and managing director of SYOPTEK told that they are also offering now custom fiber optic tool kits that can help fiber optic communications engineers and businesses in branding. “Interested buyers can contact our sales team to know more about the custom tool kits”, he said.

About the Company

SYOPTEK is a well-known manufacturer of fiber optic tools and tool kits.

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