Learn To Make Embellished Linen Towels From Warehouse Fabrics’ Blog

United States, 21st March, 2014: - Providing people with high quality and affordable silk fabric is not the only aim towards which Warehouse Fabrics Inc. works. The company is fast becoming one of the richest sources of information, tips and advice on how to make the best of the products you buy from them. In a recent release, the company has uploaded a comprehensive guide to making embellished linen towels. Visit the company’s blog at to know more!

No matter what your clothing needs are – whether it be high quality cotton or maybe the best silk fabrics or anything else that might hit your creative fantasy, Warehouse Fabrics Inc. is the name that can fulfill each and every one of these requirements. One visit to their website will tell you that this is the online fabric store that you have been looking for up until now!

“Add some pizazz to your kitchen by dressing up some pretty towels. You can start from scratch with linen and cotton fabrics or buy plain towels and use pretty prints to make them fancy. Make sure you prewash your fabrics! They will shrink at different rates and you don’t want that to happen after they are sewn together. Cut out your towels using a towel that you have as a guide. Hem each towel using these steps. Fold over about 1/4″  on each long side and press. Fold over again and press. Stitch, but start and stop 1/2″ from either end. Before doing the short sides, trim off the corner. This is possible because you started stitching 1/2″ from the end. We are doing this to reduce bulk. Fold over and press about 1/4″ on the short sides. At the edge, trim a bit of the corner off before turning another 1/4″ and pressing. Read our online guide to find out what to do next!” said the owner of Warehouse Fabrics Inc and the website

The guide is very easy to follow and will help you create some pretty interesting stuff with your linen towels. Make sure you check it out.

For more information about the company or to browse the fabric store for the many products on offer, please visit the website

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The Warehouse Fabrics Inc was established in 1984 and since the very first day they have been a prime source of fabric materials, especially silk fabric. Their online fabric store, launched in 2001, enabled those all over the USA access to over 20 years of industry expertise. In addition, they provide "real" people customer service, prompt / reliable shipping, and extraordinary pricing. The physical warehouse and the online store work as separate entities in terms of management.

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