Announcing Barney & Taylor’s ambitious “100 Jackets, 100 Days” initiative

Manchester-based leather brand channelling Jonathan Daniel Pryce ahead of their brand rollout in August 2014

Greater Manchester, UK – 14th April 2014.Manchester-based leather brand Barney & Taylor have today announced an ambitious 100-day social media photography project, inspired by Jonathan Daniel Pryce’s “100 Beards, 100 Days”.

Embracing their ethos of leather jackets not only lasting a lifetime, but travelling with you on your life’s journey too, Barney & Taylor have drafted in the help of two fresh-faced graduate photographers to hit the high streets and document 100 leather jackets from 100 passers-by on bustling city streets throughout Britain. A jacket a day will be posted on their newly expanded blog, every day for 100 days starting in July.

The project is but one part of Barney & Taylor’s three-pronged awareness campaign ahead of the full launch of their line of handmade leather jackets and accessories in August of this year. The first prong was their overhauled and fully responsive website, and the second prong is their ever-expanding blog. Upcoming features include: an in-depth and light-hearted piece summarising the history of leather and leather production, an examination of some of history’s most iconic wearers of leather jackets, and a feature digging into some of the most memorable jackets of music and cinema.

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About Barney & Taylor

Launching their stunning range of leather jackets and accessories in Autumn 2014, Barney & Taylor are a quintessentially British lifestyle brand with a rich history of leather production, ever since 1911. Working with global partners, as well as on their UK stomping grounds, Barney & Taylor should sit comfortably in any list of brands to watch out for in 2014.

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