Give Your Customers Control with Visual IVR

Visual IVR Hand Customers are still calling. Despite the investment in self service portals, speaking avatars and social media, your customers are still calling you. In fact, industry statistics show only around 20% resolve their issue on their own without calling your contact center.

Customers Love Mobile Capabilities

The Internet and mobile devices have had a huge impact on customer expectations. These days, customers can call your company from anywhere, day or night. But it is this demand that often results in long queues,  excessive wait times, confusing voice trees, and – at the end – a protracted & often frustrating conversation where the agent and the customers are at odds and details are missed.

As a result, many of them prefer to skip the traditional IVR experience and are looking for new ways to communicate with organizations, while leveraging mobility capabilities they like to use.

Visual IVR

Fortunately for your customers, you can now  expand the IVR experience by providing visually guided menus on your website or on your customer’s Smartphone. Visual IVR provides your customers with a convenient menu driven interface to your IVR. This allows your users to quickly select the options they need, saving them time, and you money.

Imagine touching or clicking your way through the IVR visually, whether on your PC, tablet or your Smartphone, without listening to endless menus or struggling with voice recognition!

Quicker Calls

Callers can provide information to the Visual IVR that your current voice IVR is unable to collect, such as complex alpha numeric data. Because your agents get a rich screen pop displaying all the data, you don’t have to ask your customer to repeat information, guaranteeing a much shorter call!

Quick Implementation

Visual IVR can reuse your existing Voice IVR scripts so you can be up and running in days. And for those looking to shorten call times even further, our business friendly authoring environment lets you create new self service flows, using clicks, not code.

How PSS Can Help With Visual IVR

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