Digsite Builds New Social Media Research Tool to Replace Focus Groups

MADISON, Wis. - (October 15, 2014) - Digsite, a private, secure platform to host social insight communities, was officially launched today.

Developed by a Madison, Wisconsin-based software company, Digsite is a social media-based consumer research tool that serves as a needed alternative to costly in-person focus groups. It is designed to make it easy and affordable for large and small businesses and their marketing agencies to get feedback on important customer questions.

While both big data and social media research have gained a lot of attention the last few years, neither of these tools has been able to replace old-fashioned focus groups, which are still used by the majority of marketers. Digsite CEO Monika Wingate has been collaborating with customers since 2011 to build a platform to do just that.

"Digsite takes the traditional focus group and puts it into a social media context, so it's as fun to use as Facebook ," Wingate said. "When the focus group ends, the questions don't. Digsite makes it easy to collaborate and co-create new products and services with the customer in real time, wherever the customer is."

Initially, Wingate experimented with private groups on Facebook as an alternative to time-consuming travel for in-person research. Concerns about privacy, security and data ownership led to the development of Digsite, which offers the ease of use without the data issues. Participants can provide input and interact with others in the group for richer insights, using both their PC and mobile device. They can post pictures and video, which allows other participants to comment and build on ideas. 

“We always do competitive analysis, but it’s a very manual process,” said Brian Jones, Director of Product Marketing at Sub-Zero/Wolf. “We would have go out to a lot of sites and hold focus groups and still not be able to reach out to every area of the country we’d like to. Digsite is able to capture the different consumer groups we needed to reach in different geographic locations. We can segment based on the consumers we target and dive in deeper with these groups on product questions we had.”

Because consumers are already online watching videos, using social media, and making purchases, Digsite’s online insight communities let marketers connect with target audiences and get better consumer insights , faster, easier and for less investment. The platform allows for longer-term engagement with consumers to gain insights over days, weeks or months. Marketers can invite their own participants to the community, or Digsite will recruit the right audience to:

·       Explore new markets and identify unmet needs

·       Crowdsource ideas for new products

·       Collect concept or product feedback

·       Engage with customers while they shop for and use your product category

·       Create loyalty by giving customers an ongoing voice on their brand experience

Digsite is teaming with independent research consultants and small agencies to help businesses design and implement Digsite communities, offering them the training, support and referrals they need to grow their businesses using Digsite.  

For more information or to request a demonstration of Digsite, visit

About Digsite: Digsite is a platform for creating social insight communities online. It advances focus groups by transforming them into a secure, affordable and easy-to-use social media experience for marketers and their customers.


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