The Tasting Panel Magazine gives Blue Label Vodka an outstanding score of 92

April 1st, 2014

The Tasting Panel Magazine has given Blue Label Vodka an outstanding score of 92 in the March 2014 issue. Editor-in-Chief Anthony Dias Blue, recognized worldwide as a leading food, wine, spirits and travel expert, described the product as a “clear smooth nose rich and lush with vanilla and elegant texture, spicy and rich, long and creamy with a lovely finish.”

Along with being a published author, columnist, TV and radio personality, Blue also heads a food & wine events company and hosts food & wine competitions worldwide. His award-winning work spans all forms of media and is circulated to more than 30,000,000 consumers each month.

This is not the first time Blue Label Vodka been recognized with a positive high review, the product has in the past performed exemplary well in spirit competitions and reviews, emerging among the top performers. Richard Rucker, CEO Blue Label Products revealed that competitions which they enter are always very stiff, with some of the top performers in the industry lining up their best products, he added that the fact that Blue Label Vodka has been able to outperform some of the bigger players in the vodka industry despite their late entry in the market means they are fit to be recognized as serious players in the industry.

The judging in the Tasting Panel Magazine is done by the highly recognized judges and high level of integrity is maintained. The magazine has a strict selection process, where the judges are vetted to ensure only the best gets picked. “A score of 92 is a clear indication that the product meets the highest quality,” said Erik Hoffman, Executive Vice President Blue Label Products. “Comparing our score with entrants from major labels, we are elated by this exemplary performance”, added Hoffman while describing how they came to present their product for review.

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