Topdog Offers Complete Help for Treatment of Acl Injury in Dogs

United States, 04 July 2014 - TopDog – the leading canine rehabilitation facility from Connecticut has always focused upon making pet owners better realize the problems afflicting their animals. Injury or rapture in the crucial ligament or ACL injury in dogs is a very common canine problem and TopDog has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to make dog owners better understand the problem and also on the steps that should be immediately taken whenever an injury is detected.

In order to help its customers take better care of their dog’s health, especially their bone and joint health TopDog is now offering GlycanAid HA – which is an advanced health supplement for dogs that keeps joints strong and supple for a long time. Though injury in cruciate ligament dogs is a common problem but still most dog owners have a poor knowledge about the problem and also the available treatments. As an animal rehabilitation facility TopDog focuses on changing the situation by making owners better aware about the risks and effects of tear or rapture in cruciate ligament dog.

According to TopDog GlycanAid HA is a product that pet owners should give their dogs on a regular basis for it can truly assure a number of associated benefits. Working with a motto to make sure that dog owners never compromise with the health of their pets and in order to make that sure the facility regularly releases different guides on canine health issues to help pet owners improve their knowledge regarding ACL injury or other health related problems in dogs.

As an animal health and rehabilitation center, TopDog has always been the leader in the veterinary industry for years – especially in the area of canine joint health and rehabilitation industry. Part from this, the company is also associated with developing, manufacturing and also distributing advanced and innovative joint health products and supplements as well as therapy support products throughout USA, Canada and Europe.

For any help regarding your pet dogs health you can contact TopDog directly anytime you want to or visit their website at which is also a treasure trove of information about animal health problems and solutions that will always find a pleasure visiting.  

About The Company

TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation is a veterinary industry leader, specifically within the field of canine rehabilitation and joint health. In addition, TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation develops, manufactures, licenses and distributes innovative joint health products and related therapy support products to veterinarians and pet owners throughout the United States, Canada & Europe.

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