Ro Sham Beaux Fiona Chandelier Finds A New Orleans Home.

New Orleans Belles and Beauxs

The French Quarter is a fascinating place. Walk down its timeworn streets, and you will find centuries-old bumpy brick sidewalks and crumbling facades covered in moss and vine. Open the doors to these unassuming homes, and you will find another world that is equally enchanting as it is elegant. The same is true for the private homes of one of New Orleans’ unofficial dignitaries, a high profile resident who finds solace and respite in his homes nestled into one of the oldest neighborhoods in the country.

Beth Harris was tasked with the major undertaking of decorating not one but two of these beautiful homes. As she worked tirelessly on both projects, she created the perfect palette of colors, textures and balance. She knew that her client and close friend would want something that is fresh and modern while paying homage to the rich history that remains in those French Quarter walls. In her design research, Beth came across Ro Sham Beaux lighting and chandeliers. This unique lighting company hails from Charleston, an equally historic and celebrated city as New Orleans with many similarities. The connection is strong between these two cities, and Beth knew she had to show her friend their chandeliers, sconces and lamps. As expected, he fell in love with many of their lighting designs, but the Fiona Chandelier stood out among the rest.

The Fiona Chandelier is the belle of the ball, and Beth has used it in multiple homes to complement her well-curated taste and decor. This unique piece is handmade in Charleston and offers custom beading, hardware and hemp choices to make it truly spectacular. Find them for sale at 

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