Blogger continues his recent downturn

Jim McCarthy makes no secret that he has made a mistake, but he is trying to prevent others from the same fate.

A series of posts on a recent financial error have turned into a real positive. It is one that he is taking seriously.

McCarthy's journey began innocuously enough as a group was trying to help him with an storefront, a common Internet business.

“The speed of the chatter should have been enough,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy's newest post covers some of the many pitfalls and errors that can lead an Internet neophyte to financial ruin in short order. The promises of fast money and easy sales are often too much to ignore. This is where McCarthy steps in to help.

“I took a pretty serious hit. I don't want anyone else to suffer the same fate,” said McCarthy. He details his journey with two font colors, emphasizing the misleading information he was promised in the process.

“I have tried to demonstrate how the best intentions can quickly turn badly. No matter how many genuine questions I had or issues that arose, the salespeople managed to keep me on the hook. Looking back on it, it is somewhat embarrassing that I fell for this,” said McCarthy.

Undaunted, McCarthy contacted Amazon directly, and what he found out was quite eye opening. The results of that communication are going to appear in the next post.

Read more on the journey and experience at McCarthy's blog. Go to for details.

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